Letter from our National Sales Manager Jay Rawal:

Resource Circuits has brought the finest manufacturers in the world together in an efficient and effective package. Imagine eliminating the time and effort needed to find the proper source for each PWB project. Every PWB is unique and has its own set of unique process requirements. Therefore, why use the same manufacturer for every PWB project? At Resource Circuits, we have the right manufacturer to fit your unique process requirements. Why have dozens of experts from dozens of different manufacturers when Resource Circuits can bring it all to you in a single package?

With more than 25 years of PWB manufacturing experience, Resource Circuits is an expert in finding the right source for your PWB project. We look at the unique requirements for each project from technology to delivery time and find the best manufacturer necessary to meet those requirements. When the requirements change so do we seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively. Every manufacturer has a specialty. Do not use your valuable time to search for the company that fits your project requirements. We evaluate your project to find the manufacturer that best fills those requirements.

Resource Circuits offers prototypes in 24 hours, to 2 weeks, pre-production in 2-3 weeks, production in 3-5 weeks and stocking programs for JIT and Kan-Ban projects. Current capabilities include 3/3 mil lines and spaces for multi (4-20) layer, double and single sided PWBs, and are produced with a variety of final finishes, including silver, tin, Ni/Au and HASL. Copper weights from oz to 10 oz, material thickness from 4 mil to 250 mil. Materials/laminates include CEM, FR4, Teflon, Polyimide, Kapton, and Heat Sinks. RoHS requirements are met with the capabilities to produce for the RoHS assembly with the lead free final finishes and specialty materials necessary. We are ready for all your PWB requirements.

Quality is key to manufacturing and we are continuously monitoring our manufacturing to ensure only the highest quality PWBs are delivered to our customers. With ISO, QS/TS, Mil Spec manufacturers, we can supply to any quality requirement. All projects are monitored from beginning (DFM) to end (product evaluation) to ensure you are supplied with a high quality, cost effective product.

We are your partner in supplying the very best the PWB has to offer your company. By utilizing our experience and expertise in the PWB industry, your engineering and purchasing departments are freed from the worries of finding the ideal manufacturer for the uniqueness of each PWB project. I look forward to working with you in the future for any inquiries or quote requests. Please contact me at 630-543-8460 or at sales@resourcecircuits.com.


Jay Rawal
National Sales Manager
Resource Circuits, Inc.

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